How to write your elevator pitch

 How to write your elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch is important because when you meet someone as you're pursuing a job, it allows you to describe yourself and what you're looking for in a clear and compelling way. That allows the people you meet to know how they can help you. Far too many job seekers miss out on fantastic networking opportunities because they don't know how to talk about themselves.

Here's a super easy formula.

Step 1: First I ____. 

This is just a little background information about you and your career. Only go as far back as the first step on your current career path. For example, if you're in marketing currently, but you pursued acting for a few years first, start with your transition from marketing to acting. 

Step 2: After that I _______. 

This is basically a bit about what you're currently doing. 

Step 3: Here's what's great about me or my past experiences. 

Speak about yourself and your current/past experiences in a positive way with an emphasis on the skills you have that will be most important to the employer you WANT to work for. You may have been the number one seller three years in a row for your past position, but if the position you want is mostly about social media, that won't be the fact most important to them.

Step 4: Now I want to _____.

This is you goal. You want to explain how your personal goals intersect with what they have to offer.

Here's an example that I used when I was still a practicing attorney:

[Step 1] I began my legal career at Firm.

[Step 2] I started out as a law clerk while in school and continued working there once I passed the bar.

[Step 3] What was fantastic about that experience was that from the beginning they threw me into the fire and forced me to learn as I went along. I became excellent at making quick decisions, learning on the job, and thinking of my feet. The longer I was there the more responsibility I was given. Now I'm familiar with all aspect of preparing a case for trial.

[Step 4] Now, I'm looking to work for a firm that has a reputation for truly grooming its young attorneys to be outstanding litigators through mentorship and honing their legal writing skills. Based on my experience, my willingness to learn, and my desire for mentorship I believe I would be an excellent fit here.

The qualities that I have that I needed to emphasize were that I was good at making decisions and could think on my feet because the employer was seeking someone who was more experienced than I was.

I wanted to show that I could make up for my lack of experience because I was so good at learning on the job and I'd successfully been able to do that in my previous role. 

I suggest that you create bullets for your elevator pitch rather than writing out a script word for word. Its something that you're going to be saying so its important that its flows naturally.