Why public speaking is a great way to find clients

 Why public speaking is a great way to find clients

When I'm coaching women who are ready to leave their 9-5s to launch their new businesses, one of the biggest things I support them in doing is public speaking. Why? Because public speaking is one of the fastest ways to cash as a new coach.

I'm always thrilled when I begin mentoring a new coach and she tells me that she loves public speaking. Its not only fun, but its a great way to get new clients, and share your message.

There's so much I could share about speaking, but for this I just want to share why you should be doing it and how to get started with places to speak and a signature talk.

In this video I'm sharing some thoughts about public speaking as a coach, why you should do it, where to find places to speak, and the importance of coming up with a signature talk.

When I started my coaching business, I, like many of you, wanted to make money ASAP. I just didn't really know how or where to start. What I learned is that the fastest and easiest way to new clients is through public speaking.

Why You Should Be Speaking

You see, when you're speaking in front of a group of ideal clients, it makes it much easier for your ideal clients to self select and immediately want to work with you. They get to experience you. Its the same reason that audios or videos are powerful - people get a much fuller sense of who you are when they can hear and see you. This goes times 100 when someone is actually experiencing you in person. Those who are aligned with you and your message are going to feel that right away and will be determined to work with you without you doing much more beyond that.

As a new coach, it will really serve you to speak for free. It will pay off way more in the long term for you to get clients from speaking to a group of people who are ideal clients, rather than waiting only for speaking gigs that will pay you.

These are the reasons why ā€“ be sure to subscribe to this channel because I'm also going to share videos on where to start speaking and the basics of your signature talk.