How to get coaching clients by creating your signature talk

 How to get coaching clients by creating your signature talk

If you're a new coach one of the best ways to get new clients is through public speaking. This video is going to show you exactly how to create a signature talk so that you can connect with your ideal clients and start making money!

One of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success is create a signature talk.

This is something that I created for myself and used countless times, and is now something I coach my clients on as well. Your signature talk is just a prepared speech that will be well aligned with the needs of your ideal clients that you'll be able to use under a wide variety of circumstances as needed. You'll be amazed at the opportunities available when you're prepared.  

I personally had an experience shortly after I created my own signature talk when I was asked if I was available to speak to a group of 70 people the same evening that I got the call. Because I had my signature talk all prepared, I was able to give an enthusiastic yes to the opportunity presented!

Here's a rough outline of what you want to include in your signature talk.

Part 1: Introduce the topic.

You're going to start by introducing the topic that you'll be discussing and you'll tell the audience why its important.

Part 2: Introduce yourself.

Then you're going to to introduce yourself and you'll share your personal story. The important thing to remember about sharing your story at this point is that its not just a chance for you to dryly recite your biography. Its a chance for you to talk about yourself in a way that will allow you to really connect with your ideal clients in the audience. It going to allow your audience to engage with you so that your message will resonate more strongly.

Part 3: Overview.

After you've introduced yourself and your topic you want to let the audience know where you're going.  You do this by laying out signposts; the three main points of your talk.

Part 4: Share your content.

Then you're going to go in depth into each of the points that you're making your talk. Be sure to include examples and anecdotes as you make your main points in order to keep the attention of your audience throughout your talk.

Part 5: Conclusion.

Wrap up the speech by summarizing what you've discussed and giving your audience a call to action - some step that they can take to move forward. This will ideally be some way of connecting with or working with you.

As a coach, its so important that you're help people. I know that you have a unique message to share so its SO important that you get out there and share it.