How to get coaching clients by creating a signature system

 How to get coaching clients by creating a signature system

One of the things that helped me build a six figure coaching practice in less than a year is that I was able to create a step-by-step system for the services I offered. A signature system adds to your credibility and makes it easier for ideal clients to decide to work with you.

Here's the thing: people come to a coach because they want their hand held as they navigate some terrain that they're not familiar with.

One of the core principles of coaching is that the client already has the answers, and they need your support in getting to them. Now, with some coaches there is also an element of teaching involved, but that doesn't change the fact that the brilliance is always within the client!

Developing a signature system allows the client to recognize that you understand what their problem is even better than they do, and allows them to see that you can help them solve it.

For example, in my business I help who want to make a change in their career OR who want to launch their own service based business. I have a step-by-step system for each of those things. Even before a client begins working with me, they can understand the things that we'll cover in our work together.

Here are a few questions to get you started in developing your own signature system:

  • Question 1: What is the problem that your work helps solve?
  • Question 2: What is needed to solve that problem?
  • Question 3: What do you offer that will solve that problem?

For example, I serve women who want to leave their 9-5s and work full time in the dream businesses. The problem that I help solve is that they don't know where to start. To solve that problem they need an action plan for getting clear on their ideal client, their marketing message, their branding, how to coach, and how to connect with their ideal clients. I offer private and group coaching programs that address all of those things in a detailed way so that they can have everything they need to start making money.

I have a signature program with multiple steps that lays out each of the things that we will work on together. Not only does this make it easier for my clients to decide that I'm the right coach for them to work with, but also gives some structure for our work together.

Answer the questions I've outlined above and begin creating your signature program. This will be an evolving process. I worked with dozens of clients to develop the perfect signature system. It doesn't need to be prefect to start, just get started!