How to find your ideal coaching clients with public speaking

 How to find your ideal coaching clients with public speaking

Are you a new coach trying to find ideal coaching clients? This video will give you some practical tricks to finding and connecting with your ideal clients so you can start making money now.

For many many people, the best place to start is going to be colleges.

Many college professors are often looking for people to speak to their students so this can be a really great opportunity if you're interested in working with young people.

Another great resource for coming up with opportunities of where you can speak is Meetup has meetings in many cities all over the US and there is an incredibly broad range of offerings for the types of meet ups available. Spend some time searching for meetups that are aligned with what you offer and start attending the meetings.  

Once you get a feel for the types of speakers they have and feel that you could offer something of value to their audience, pitch yourself to the leaders of the group as a speaker.

Research other types of clubs in your region that cater to people that would fall into the demographic of people you serve.

Things like alumni associations and group, professional groups, and networking clubs.  There are so many opportunities available, I'm sure you'll be surprised once you start doing the research.

Here's your action step: come up with a list of 15 places where you could be a speaker. Start by attending the meetings and begin networking with the leaders to see if you may be a great fit.

Even before you develop your signature talk it will be a great ideal to start researching and looking into various places where you could potentially be  a guest speaker.  Once you get the ball rolling with that - it will be a great time to begin to develop your signature talk.