How To Cultivate A Rock Solid Success Mindset

 How To Cultivate A Rock Solid Success Mindset

Dreaming of success, are you?

Determined to make an impact, as well as a great income as a creative, coach, or entrepreneur?

Excellent! You have a gift and a message. It’s only right that it’s shared with the world.

But do you know the difference between the dreamers whose visions get lost in the clouds, and those who bring their dreams down to earth, and make them a reality?


The most successful individuals are the ones who understand that accomplishment doesn’t just happen; it requires action and a rock-solid success mindset.

Those who make it big and fulfill their hearts’ desires have resourceful minds. They’re capable of focusing on the things that will help them reach their goals while creating within themselves the beliefs, motivations, and emotional states that propel them to success.

What Is A Success Mindset?

A success mindset ensures you take actions and develop habits that are essential to achieving your objectives.

As an entrepreneur, cultivating a success mindset is vital for building a prosperous business.

But exactly how do you go about it?

The tallest tree in the forest was once nothing more than a teeny tiny nut that held its ground.

Successful people may look polished and sometimes exude charisma and confidence. They may carry an aura that makes it appear success was always inevitable for them.

So what’s the problem?

We seldom examine these people at the start of their journey. We see the end result and admire their success, but we don’t see everything it took for them to get there.

Every successful business owner was once a fledgling entrepreneur who had yet to succeed.

Everyone has the potential for success. The question is not can you succeed, but will you?

Are you tenacious enough to hold your ground?

Your Definition of Success

Success is a funny term. We all know what it means, yet it has different meanings.

What does success mean to you?

  • For Khaleesi, success is nothing less than taking the Iron Throne.
  • For many entrepreneurs, it’s a laptop lifestyle with time and location freedom, as well as a five figure monthly income.
  • For me, success is having my own cozy little office where I work with my ideal clients, share my message, and make great money doing it. It’s creating my own schedule. It’s being able to close my laptop when my hubs gets home from work without stressing.

But enough about me, and all these other peeps. Let’s talk about you!

Maybe you already know exactly what success looks like for you.

If so, cheers!

If not, don’t despair. I’m gonna give you some food for thought, to help you figure it out.

Set aside a couple of hours and think about your business:

  • What is your ultimate goal?

  • When will you feel you have achieved success with it? It may be when you reach a particular level of income (the much-hyped six or seven-figure business perhaps?), when you’ve attracted a certain number of clients, or produced a specific product or service.

  • You may have goals based on your morals, beliefs, or ethics, and success for you might mean your business reaches a point you can donate a large sum of money to a charity you support or set up a social enterprise.

Now, picture yourself in your ideal life:

  • What are you doing?
  • Where are you living?
  • What kind of car do you drive?
  • What kind of clothes are you wearing?
  • How many hours do you work in a day?
  • How many days in a week?
  • Are you working alone or have you built a team?
  • Have you expanded into other areas?

Try to leave your ego out of the equation, as well as any guilt you may feel when you picture your dream life. Indulge yourself in imaging exactly what ‘success’ means to you.

Go Deep And Stay There

Are you committed to your success?

Like, really committed?

If so, time to get uncomfortable. Not like ‘getting your wisdom teeth’ uncomfortable, but like ‘pigeon pose during yoga’ uncomfortable (when it hurts so good).

This is the tough part of a success mindset.

You need to dig deep within yourself, find the things that are holding you back, or undermining your efforts and belief in yourself, and heal and/or release them.

Yep, you’ve gotta deal with your blocks and issues.

If you have low self-esteem or confidence, you need to address that. If you struggle with your self-worth, you need to figure out why. Release and re-write any negative thoughts or feelings that crop up when you imagine yourself as a success.

You need to practice self-awareness for this. Monitor the way you think about success and the self-talk you use. When you’re asking yourself if you’re capable of doing something, do you answer, “Yaaas, Queen!!”


...or reel off a list of reasons you will fail?

The only person who can do this is you.

It may take time, and you must be completely honest with yourself. In some cases, you may also need to look back through your life and figure out what caused you to develop your negative thought processes and feelings. That way, you can recognize what’s true and what’s a story that you have been telling yourself (and maybe others) for a long time.

That can be intense, and painful, but it is so worth it.

Examining yourself on a deep level and addressing any issues you have relating to your self-image, self-esteem, and self-beliefs is incredibly beneficial for all areas of your life. But it’s essential if you want to be truly successful.

Download my Free Money Mindset Workbook for more detail on how to approach this, so you can uncover the blocks and release them for good.

One of the top issues people encounter that prevent them developing a success mindset is comparisonitis.

How to Avoid Comparisonitis

What happens if you’re running in a foot race and you start looking around?

You’re going to misstep.

Now, I’ve never run in a foot race, but it’s easy enough to recognize the wisdom in the analogy.

We’ve all been there.

Someone else is doing what you do, and she’s doing it better, or differently, or more successfully, or she simply beat you to the punch. Plus, she’s rocking the Louboutins you couldn’t afford.

It can be valuable to our success to model our strategies and mindsets after the people who have successfully achieved what we are setting out to do. It can allow us to learn from (and avoid) their mistakes, reaching our destination in a shorter time by using proven methods.

But it can also be detrimental to our success if we’re not careful.

The act of mentally comparing yourself to someone else almost inevitably results in competing with her. She becomes the yardstick by which you measure your own accomplishments, and because she is already successful (if she wasn’t, you wouldn’t be comparing) and you are (for now), not yet on her level, you inevitably find yourself lacking.

You begin to doubt your abilities and even the validity of your desire to do what you are doing.

It’s easy for this to then begin spiraling into a harsh analysis of every area of your life until you’re in dirty sweatpants on the couch, binging on Rocky Road ice cream and Katherine Heigl flicks on a Tuesday afternoon.

Let’s avoid this.

A powerful way to avoid comparisonitis is to shift your focus away from other people and bring it onto yourself. This is something most people naturally avoid. It can feel like self-obsession, or even arrogance, to dismiss other people and think only of ourselves. But in this context, it’s imperative.

Stop competing with other people; compete with yourself instead.

  • How much better are you at what you do compared to the level you were at a month ago, or a year ago?
  • What are you doing to ensure you’re at a higher level a month, or a year, from now?

Focusing on self-improvement will soon ensure you compare far more favorably to other people. If you’re always watching them rather than yourself, you’ll get stuck, while they move further and further away.

Establish A Daily Ritual

Once you’ve starting shifting your mindset away from the negative and towards the positive, it’s important to keep the momentum going. Make it a priority to have a daily success ritual, something you do every day that helps you touch base with your success.

It’s crucial to hold on to your vision loosely.

Don’t want to grip it so tightly your knuckles turn white as you desperately squeeze the life out of it.

As my ballet teacher used to tell us about holding the ballet barre, hold your dream gently and softly, like you’re holding a baby squirrel’s neck, and you don’t want to hurt it.

A daily ritual will help you do this.

Setting goals isn’t enough. You need to train your brain to work towards them continuously and ensure you remain inspired and motivated.

One thing you will notice about successful people, they have success-driven habits.

Create a ritual that will help you achieve your goals and do it every day.

The more you do this, the less you will have to think about it. In time it will become something you do on auto-pilot. It becomes habitual.

You will find you achieve far greater success when you have habits in place that directly support your goals and the achievements you want to create through them. A daily ritual will not only help you achieve your goals; it will keep you motivated.

Develop daily habits that allow you to tap into your success mindset.  Some examples of daily habits include the following:

  • Say daily mantras or affirmations that remind you of important elements of the success mindset you are trying to cultivate. Things like:
  • Things are always working out for me.
  • I’m a powerful, prosperous, creator.
  • My work is valuable and I’m highly compensated for it.
  • I can be, do, or have whatever I desire.
  • Meditating
  • Creating gratitude lists. I find it helpful to write down ten things I’m grateful for (including the reason why I'm grateful for it). I then go back and read through the list, really focusing on how grateful I am and repeating “thank you” in my head.
  • Reading books that will provide you with daily inspiration and motivation. Keep a stack of success-orientated books on hand and read a chapter or two every day. Here are a few to get your success library started:
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  • The Laws of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson

Embrace The Climb

While it’s important to understand your ultimate definition of success, and put habits in place to support your goals, it’s equally important to comprehend that rushing to the finish line isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to reach your goal.

What’s the hurry?

This idea that you have to accomplish as much as possible, as fast as possible, comes from a scarcity mindset. You feel there’s an insufficient amount of time for you to accomplish everything you desire.

It’s just not true, my friend.

But it’s understandable that you become attached to, and possibly even obsessed with, the success you are trying to create. Even so, focusing on the final destination puts a massive amount of pressure on you.

It also makes the journey more complicated than it needs to be.

If you’re focused on the end, then finding yourself anywhere other than the finish line can feel like a failure. It doesn’t matter how much you have achieved, or how successful you have become along the way, you’re not quite there yet, and that feels wrong.

But this makes zero sense.

If you were driving from New York to Los Angeles, would you throw a tantrum because you were in Missouri?

I thought I’d be further along by now.
Ugh, I’m such a failure.
I’m giving up and turning around!

No, of course not! (Well, maybe a little tantrum because it’s a long drive, but not enough to give up and turn around.)

So why take that approach in your journey through life?  

Success isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Or, more accurately, it’s a climb.

Believe You’ll Succeed

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”
– Henry Ford

The behavior we exhibit and the actions we take run in tandem with our beliefs. If you believe you will succeed, your behavior and actions reflect this, and everything you do moves you closer to achieving your objectives.

If you encounter obstacles along that path, your certainty of eventual success allows you to find creative and efficient solutions. You don’t turn back at the first hurdle. You believe you will succeed, therefore anything in your way must be surmountable.

Belief is the difference between understanding that obstacles are a natural part of the journey, and the mindset that everything is too hard, and nothing ever goes well for you.

If you want Beyoncé confidence, you need to recognize what’s true:

  • Things are always working out for you.
  • You can be, do, or have whatever you desire.
  • The Universe has your back.
  • The only limits are those you create in your own mind.

Stop arguing for your own limitations.

You will achieve greater success and hit goals in increments, moving increasingly higher and closer to your ultimate definition of success. Sometimes, when you’re climbing a massive mountain, you have to come back down a little way to reach the right path - the path that will lead you even higher.

Success is very much like this. You may have setbacks. You may encounter obstacles. You may fail at times.

Don’t assume it means you’re not destined to succeed. Embrace it as part of the journey. Each step you take is a small success that builds to the achievement of a goal, the surmounting of a new peak. Each peak is a part of the larger climb to the top of a huge mountain.

And guess what?

When you reach the top of that mountain and finally achieve your ultimate goal, your final definition of success, you will look around and find another mountain, sitting there waiting for you to climb.

We’re expansive beings in an expansive universe; your achievements are going to set off new sparks of desire.

You have a destination in mind, but the journey is as important (if not more important) than the finish line.

The more open you are to this, the more quickly you will reach the top, and the more fun you will have along the way.

Download my Free Money Mindset Workbook for more detail on how to approach this, so you can uncover the blocks and release them for good.