How to Come Up with Lots of Great Content Ideas Fast

Do you already know that you want to use more content marketing to market your creative coaching or online business, but not exactly sure what you should be writing about?

This is for you.

My name is Crystal Marsh Irom of In today's video I want to give you three ways you can come up with a lot of great content ideas that your ideal clients and customers really want to know fast. I want to make sure that you're really setting yourself up for success.

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Step 1: Get Really Clear on Your Goal

The first thing you're going to want to do is get really clear on your goal. You're creating this content to market your business. So you want to be clear on the exact purpose that it's going to serve. So I'm going to give you an example here so that we're really clear on what you're doing.

Example: let's say, for example, that you're a wedding planner, and that in three months you're going to be launching a brand new course that's going to be teaching other wedding planners how they can start their businesses.

So if you know that that's your goal, that you want to serve your audience, that you want to get them primed for this course that you're creating, you're going to want to make sure you're picking themes within that goal.

Step 2: Choose 3 Themes within Your Goal

So this is your overarching goal, you're going to be serving your audience and building your list with the specific content that's going to be a lead in to your course. So that you have the goal you're going to come up with three themes, two to four themes really, but I usually go with three. So based on what you're covering in your course and what you really think is going to best serve your ideal client so that you're not just writing about everything that you know, because if you're running a business you probably know a ton about your industry and you could write about a bunch of different things, but you don't want to get too spread out.

For example: maybe your three themes are:

  1. How to get new bridal clients.

  2. How to create a really outstanding experience for new brides.

  3. And then, how to build relationships with other vendors so that you have a really strong referral network.

So you've got your goal and then you've got your three themes that fit in underneath the goal.

Step 3: Do a Braindump

Once you have all that information you're going to do what I like to call a brain dump, you are just going to list out everything you can think of that would fit within those themes.

So now you should have at least 10-20 ideas already down. What you're going to do after that is figure out what people are most looking for. So this is going to either verify the ideas that you've already come up with, or it's going to give you subtopics, which you can expand that content even further.

Step 4: Expand Your Content Ideas Further

So the three ways that you're going to do this, ways that you're already familiar with, one is Facebook, mainly Facebook groups, the second way is on YouTube, and then the third way is on Pinterest. So I'm just going to go over to my screen now so you can see exactly what I'm doing, if I'm going into a Facebook group and trying to data mine for this information to come up with these content ideas fast.


Find topics within a Facebook group. So I went to Savvy Business Owners. This is a group that I know has a lot of female entrepreneurs, but also very creative female entrepreneurs, a lot of people in the wedding industry. So since we're going with the wedding planning example, this is a good place to start. So I want to just see what kind of questions people are asking, what are people wondering about? So I might just go to this search box right here where it says, "Search this group". And I'm just going to type in 'wedding planner', and see what comes up.

Okay, so this person asked about liability insurance, so that's not necessarily something I would want to cover, it's not related to the themes that I already picked. Okay, so, "Looking for a pricing consultant/coach if that's a thing, need some quick five minute advice on strategy and preferably someone with wedding planner familiarity." Okay, so this one is helpful. This is someone looking for information about pricing. So that is something that I might use. So I'll just write down in my notes, "Pricing, how to price your services as a new wedding planner."

Here's another one that might be useful, "As a wedding planner, what would you say your best tip is for a bride? An insider tip, one of those things you wish every bride could understand." So this is another one that I might write down, that could potentially work. Okay, here's another one, "Wedding planner/event planner friends, do you have a newsletter or email list? How do you use it effectively? Not big repeat client field, so I'm not sure what I'd send out." So this is another one that would be really good. Wedding planners are interested in how to use a newsletter and email list.

Here's another one that could be really good, "Wedding planner friends, for those of you who have an assistant or associate planner, what are the things you delegate to this team member?" I have a great girl who works for me ... Blah, blah, blah, blah." Okay, so this is just someone asking, as a wedding planner how do you delegate? So that would be a really good topic for content as well. Here's another really good one. So this person says, "I just wanted to ask if it's just me or are you seeing a massive influx in brides who are almost rude?" I'm not going to read the rest of the post, but maybe that would be a good topic, how to deal with brides that are rude. Here's another one, "Has anyone had success with Google AdWords? I'm a wedding planner and I'm wondering if it's worth a try." So this could be a post about the best advertising methods for wedding planners.

So this is just way to get some examples. Obviously, you're going to use search terms that are specific to what you're looking for, that are specific to your field, and you just do a bit of research. Facebook groups are a really great place to mine for information because you just get to listen in on the conversation that your ideal clients and customers are already having.


So the second way that you can look for really great topics is on YouTube. There's a couple of ways even within YouTube that you can do it. One of the ways is by going to people who are in a similar niche as you, and seeing what are their most popular topics? Don't use this to steal their ideas, obviously. But allow it to get your wheel spinning a bit. So I'm going to, again, just go right on over to my screen and show you exactly how to do that.

So now I'm looking at YouTube. I don't know exactly what someone would be looking for for a wedding planner on YouTube, but since I know that I am promoting this course, which is for people who want to be wedding planners, I'm just going to start there. So I'm just going to put in, 'How to become a wedding planner', and see what comes up. So, How To Become a Wedding Planner, from Bianca Renee. So I might click on her and see if she has other videos about wedding planning, that was the top result.

But it looks like her channel is actually about makeup, skincare, and fashion, so it looks like it's probably something she does but it's not something she actually teaches about. So I'm going to just keep on moving. How To Become A Wedding Planner: What Is Your Why? So that's from Alison, so I might go back to that. It's five years old, so it would be better if I could find something a little bit newer. How To Be A Successful Wedding Planner. This is from Wedding Planning Academy, so okay, I'm going to use this one because it's a little bit more recent and because just from reading the name I can tell that they're going to be talking more about wedding planning.

So I'm going to click over here. What you want to do is figure out people who are your competitors, which of their videos are most popular. So I clicked over so I could see all of her videos, and then instead of having them sorted by date added, which is the default, I'm going to go to most popular and see what's coming up. So, How To Be A Successful Wedding Planner, that was a popular one, but that's a little bit vague. I may use that as a big blog post or a video, but I'm looking for more specific content ideas as well. So, International Wedding Trend Report, so that's from a year ago and that has 25,000 views, so that's a kind of a lot. So that's telling me that people are interested in trends. So that might be something that I would want to write on. I would include that in my list, trends for 2018, perhaps.

Then the next one she has also has a lot of views, 19,000. Mistakes To Avoid As A New Planner. So that's a really good one, I might use something along those lines as well. So I would just go through here and see which of them might be really good topics that would fit in well with what you're doing. So I would do that with several of my competitors to come up with some really great content ideas. So that's how you would use YouTube to come up with content ideas.


The third resource that you can use is Pinterest. Pinterest is a fantastic place, and frankly, any content you're creating, you should just go ahead and Pin as well, because Pinterest is a search engine, it's not a social media platform. But if you go onto Pinterest, again, I'll just pull up on my screen so you can see exactly how to do this, you can type in some of the search terms that you might be looking for. So just to keep it consistent we'll go over the same examples.

Now I am on Pinterest. So I want to see what kind of things are coming up. Pinterest has this really cool feature, when you put in a search. So I'm going to just, again, go with wedding planner here. What it does is it right away will put in the top search terms. So for wedding planner, the most popular terms is printables, so they it right there for you, they make it really, really clear. So I see that another really popular one is checklist, so that might be really a good one, because I could think of a lot of content that might be related to that. Oh, and then when I click on checklist I see that there's even more things coming up. So that one's obviously searched for a lot. Worksheets, that might narrow it down even further. Wow, these are really, really popular terms, because they're giving you a couple of different things. So, worksheets on budget. So each of those would be really good topics.

So I would spend some time in here exploring and looking at some of the search terms. So I would just go through here and do a little bit of research and see what comes up. So here's one, 'Becoming a wedding planner', so this is perfect, this is right on target. So this one doesn't narrow down any further, but you can still see which of some of the pins are very popular. So you could scroll through some of these and get some inspiration and ideas.

Now let's go back a little bit. Wedding planner. So checklist, it looks like that's probably very popular, so you might be able to come up with a bunch of different checklists and that would be really, really good valuable content that people would be searching for. So I would definitely do some checklists for the day of, for timelines, for budgets, all of those things are obviously very, very popular. So that's a really good way of coming up with content that might be super relevant.

Let's see what happens when just put in, 'how to become a wedding planner', and see if that's a popular topic. It looks like it is. It looks like people have guides on here and all sorts of things. So tips, I would definitely give some tips on how to become a wedding planner, that's up here close to the beginning of the searches, so that looks like something people are definitely looking for.

So the idea is that you're looking for these keywords, these search terms that people are using and just getting inspiration for different things that you might want to write about. But they're telling you already what the most popular things that people are looking for are. So that's another way that you can find great topics for your blogs, YouTube videos, live-streams, etc.

So now you know how to come up with a lot of content ideas really fast. So now that you have all these great ideas you're probably wondering, "How do you put it all together into a content marketing plan?" Don't worry, I've got you covered. I have a free download that you can grab right here in this link. Go ahead and grab that, put together your content plan. I cannot wait to see what you create. If you enjoyed this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe. I will look forward to seeing you next week with more tips.

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