How to become a Coach: Your First Step

 How to become a Coach: Your First Step

For many aspiring coaches, the best time to begin their new coaching business is going to be while your'e still in a full time job. Why? Because it will allow you greater ability to support yourself financially and also allow you to invest in building your business.

People often want to know "whats the best first step for me if I want to be a coach?"

Develop some coaching skills.

I say develop coaching skills as sort of a broad and open term, because there isn't one specific path to follow or way that you must do it. As you may know, coaching is not a regulated industry meaning that anyone can put up a sign and begin calling themselves a coach and charging money. Many people do do that, but its not what I would recommend if your desire is to create a sustainable business. Nonetheless, you need to spend some time to determine what kind of training you want to take.

My personal belief is that working with a powerful coach or mentor is going to be the best way to acquire your coaching skills.

There are so many coach training programs out there that may or may not give you the skills that you need. Rather than spending a year n a coach training program that may or may not prepare you for running as successful coaching business, invest in working with a coach or mentor that you admire. It one of the best way to develop some powerful and essential coaching tools.

Moreover, they may have access to a far greater number of resources and may have a much greater knowledge of which coaching programs are actually worth investing in and going through with.

As a coach. your education MUST be ongoing - you need to acquire some basic coaching skills to get started, but there will not be a point where its going to be good for you to just rest on your laurels. Even as you develop your business and advance its going to be important for you to continuously develop your skills and acquire a further education.

I worked with a mentor when I first began my business and I found that propelled my business growth and my coach training far more than the actual coach training program that I was in.

So ā€“ your first step to launch your coaching business ā€“ research to decide how you're going to start developing your coaching skills.