Are You Working Too Hard to Change Your Business Mindset?

As more entrepreneurs become aware of the importance of mindset to success. And release. the idea of hustling for the sake of hustling. There’s been a bit of a mix up.

Now you’re working too hard on your mindset instead of working on the action steps.

We’re all constantly seeking balance. Balancing career and family. Balancing work and leisure. Balancing mindset and action.

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But balance isn’t really a thing. Gary Keller’s book The One Thing digs deep into this concept:

A balanced life’ is a myth — a misleading concept most accept as a worthy and attainable goal without ever stopping to truly consider it...if you think of balance as the middle, then out of balance is when you’re away from it. Get too far away from the middle and you’re living at extremes. The problem with living in the middle is that it prevents you from making extraordinary time commitments to anything. In your effort to attend to all things, everything gets short changed and nothing gets its due….Extraordinary results are achieved by this negotiations with your time.

The antidote to this idea of balance, which is really just an idea, not a way of life, is counterbalance. Meaning allow yourself to the extremes where your focus, time, and energy is at an extreme. And then reign it in and come back to the middle ground.

I went through a while back after I hit an “upper limit”  in my business. I was growing my business — working hard and making a ton of money. But I wasn’t doing the mindset piece. I was just hustling for the sake of hustling and I lost all enjoyment, flow, and alignment in my work.

Now, I do put in a lot of work and I ensure that my mindset is fully aligned with that. And that’s the sweet spot in terms of my business growth (and enjoyment).

But for awhile there, I did what so many do, and I swang pretty far in the other direction and hit an extreme where all the work I was doing in my business was mindset work.

It seemed to be working. I definitely started feeling better. But my business still wasn’t moving forward because I was missing the all important element: action.

1. Action is what brings your mindset work into the real world -- it’s the gateway for the work you’ve done internally to manifest

Mindset work isn’t easy, per se. But for someone who wants to be lazy, it’s certainly easier than taking action.

Mindset work can easily be done by yourself, on your couch or snuggled up in your bed.
It doesn’t require you to create.
It doesn’t require you put yourself out there.
It doesn’t require you serve people.

You focus on yourself and your past, present, and future. If you’ll allow it, it can become indulgent.

But it can also provide massive transformation.

But not without action.

All the mindset work that you do can’t be made real until you take action on it.

Action doesn’t mean hustling all day and night. I mean really, if you’re doing the deep transformative mindset work then the action that you do will start getting easier. Should allow some more fun and flow back into it because you’ll have cleared and released some of the biggest obstacles in your way, rather than pushed through them.

‘Cause yes, everything starts with your mindset.  But it all has to work together.

Here’s why working on your mindset is powerful…

Your beliefs create your thoughts. Your thoughts lead to your actions. Your actions create your results. Based on your results, you create new beliefs.

It’s a cycle. Your beliefs lead to your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions. Your actions lead to your results. As you experience different results in your life and business, you begin forming new beliefs.

Mindset work is powerful because it allows you to change your beliefs, but if you keep changing your beliefs and your thoughts. And then change more beliefs and thoughts. And then stay focused on your beliefs and thoughts, your action and results are out of the loop (literally) and stay totally the same.

The other problem with this loop is that if you’re only looking for blocks, you’ll find more blocks. If you start to feel as if you must clear all blocks before you can take action. You could work on your mindset forever without taking any action.  It’s the equivalent of constantly consuming and feeling as if you need one more course (I’ve said before I’m a total course-whore so I’m totally guilty of this), one more freebie, one more fill-in-the-blank before you’re ready to take action.

It feels like you’re never at a point when you’re done. And with mindset work, you’re not really done. But you have to take action anyway.


2. Your insistence that you have mindset blocks or money blocks can turn into a block itself

If you reach a point where you feel like, “I have to clear one more block and then I’ll be ready to take action,” then you know that the idea of blocks has become a block.

When we start telling ourselves that there’s something we need to do, be, or have that varies from our current circumstances before we can be, do, or have some other thing then we’re making up excuses to delay action.

Todd Hermann, a high performance coach, says we need to “release the idea of perfect action.”  We also need to release the idea of perfect mindset.

For many people who make personal growth, development, or mindset work a part of their life and business, then it’s going to be a continuous aspect of their life. It’s not something that you spend one month on and then never return to again. As you move into new levels of growth and success, you’re going to return to it. As David Neagle, a success mentor, says, “new level, new devil.”

And that’s normal. It’s totally fine, but that means that you do some of the mindset work. Take action. Assess where you are and keep moving.

If we think that we can’t move forward until all our mindset blocks are cleared. Welp, we’ll never take action again ‘cause we’ll be too busy working hard on our mindset.

Whereas, you’re better off if you...

3.  Work easy on your mindset. Work hard on your action.

We don’t have to work hard on our mindset. The mindset work should feel easy.

If the work you’re doing on your mindset is feeling hard. If you feel stressed and tense and your shoulders up to your ears then you’re making it harder than it needs to be. Let your mindset work be easy for you, just let it flow.

Many of the type A entrepreneurs I meet and work with (and am) get a certain kind of satisfaction from hustling hard.

For me it takes me back to my college days at Claremont Mckenna where I’d pull all-nighters. When I’d take a break from my studying around 10pm because I knew that there were hours upon hours of studying left. Or when I was studying for the California bar and I wouldn’t move my tush from the chair in the back corner of the library for 6 hours at a time.

It felt satisfying. Like I was really accomplishing something.

So when I start working on my business or doing my mindset work, I felt that same focus there. Where I’m really digging in and deep and it’s feeling intense.

But your work on your mindset doesn’t have to be so hard to be transformational ‘cause you can shift in a moment.

Clearing your mindset blocks is just about recognizing an obstacle as self-imposed and letting it go.

We all have fears, and doubts, and limiting beliefs. But while they’re sitting in our heads, they can feel more real and solid than the computer screen in front of you. The shift — releasing the belief — is just about recognizing what’s true.

Depending on you. Your experiences. The way you view your obstacles. Each shift can be easy or hard.

But overall you can let it be easy.

For many people, the easiest way of up-leveling their mindset is going to be by sort of digging in, doing an excavation, seeing what’s there in terms of their thoughts and beliefs and clearing the big stuff out. I have a free workbook you can download here that will help you do just that.

However, it doesn’t always need to be so in depth ‘cause sometimes you can just change your thoughts.

You can just stop thinking or believing something and that’s enough. And that doesn’t necessarily take work if you’re adept at shifting your focus.

Because a belief is only a thought you’ve thought a lot. If you’re able to quickly start thinking and believing something which makes the obstacle you’ve created in your mind moot. Well then, that’s just as good.

For people who like or thrive on that feeling of working hard, it may not be so immediate to just switch to this place where you’ll allow it to be easy.

The sweet spot then is to dig in first and then let it be easy. You’re tricking your mind a bit. If you spend 3-4 hours working on your mindset. Then you can sort of tell yourself the rest is just maintenance. Now the only “work” is letting it be easy and shifting your thoughts and focus.

4.  Mindset is a priority in your week

If you’re prioritizing your months, weeks, and days. (And I hope you are). Then mindset should be treated as a priority. Make sure that you schedule in time to work on your mindset.: to see where you’re holding yourself back. Where you’re creating obstacles for yourself.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to...


One of the easiest way to discover where your mindset has room for growth is when you set your goals for the quarter, month, week, etc.

Set goals that are “realistic” but a stretch. As Michelangelo said, “the greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” You may experience some doubt or resistance when setting stretch goals. This is a good clue to where you still have some work to do.

Once you look at your goals, you can just ask yourself: “why don’t I think this is possible for me?

You ask it as a why because it’s going to force your mind to seek an answer. If you just ask “do I think it’s possible” you’re right away going to say “yes, I think it’s possible” and be able to skip over it.

Another question y to ask yourself is, “why wouldn’t _____ think this is possible for me?

Fill in the blank with someone who you feel is critical of you.

This is an insightful exercise because if this is a new goal then you have no actual way of knowing what anyone else would think or say about it. (Especially since we can never truly know what another person is thinking regardless of what they might have to say.)

That means that any thoughts that come up are a projection. You are projecting a thought you have onto that other person — you’re imagining that that thought would come from them, but in truth, it’s coming from your own mind.


More beliefs for you to clean up.

Your mindset work may never be done, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. People love setting goals at the beginning of the year. Why not make sure you actually achieve them by clearing out the (mental) obstacles, taking action, and allow your mindset work to be easy.

If you want to dig in and pull up more of the beliefs that are holding you back download the money mindset workbook and get started.

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