3 Ways Holding Back Your Truth is Messing Up Your Creative Business


I’ve been so scared of manifesting.

Not the activity itself but of talking about it.

I’ve been manifesting for years, but I’m often reluctant to use the actual word in my content.

[If you have no idea what I’m talking about check out this post from Amanda Frances about manifesting. She’s one of the people I admire and I’m heading to Bali in a few days for a retreat she’s hosting.]

All my private clients have heard about it or discussed it with me. Yet I’ve had this reluctance to claim it.

I’ve always worked hard to maintain a specific narrative around myself. I’ve held my cards close to my chest in the hopes it would somehow keep me safe.

I guess it has to some extent that I’m still here and doing well. But it’s unclear if it’s more helped or hindered beyond that.

As I’ve started creating more content, I reflected on the fact that I haven’t shared my full truth with my audience. I vowed to start sharing more  because I realized that not doing so would hold a business back in three big ways.


When you don’t share your truth in your content it makes it harder to find your soulmate clients. You create a barrier they have to see past and connect with your heart. And those are the best clients. The ones that connect with your heart.

It’s the same as with people in real life. If you’re not real. If you don’t show them who you are, then they can’t connect with who you are.  They’re connecting only on the surface or with a facade.

People may appreciate what they see on the surface enough to buy from you. In fact it is possible to still make good money without sharing fully. But you’re going to limit yourself.

Especially as a coach or if you’re charging higher prices for your work. Or any other service or product where someone anticipates a transformation.

If someone is making a big investment they’re going to need to feel your energy. More so than for a lower priced investment.

People buy from the heart. We all make our decision about purchasing something through our emotions first. We then use or reason and logic to justify whichever decision we’ve made. It’s when they feel the emotional connection to YOU that you become the person who must provide it. Without that, they’re in need of the product or service. They may not have been able to feel that you’re the right person to support them through it.

Early in my business, it would happen that someone wouldn’t be familiar with coaching. They would come across me and my work. They would be curious about getting coaching support and schedule a consult. We’d have a call and they would end the conversation committed to invest in coaching.

But not committed to working with me.

As you can imagine, this was frustrating and confusing. It hurt knowing that someone wanted something that I offered but not wanting it from me.

It’s because I wasn’t speaking my truth. I wasn’t being real enough and showing enough of who I am to stand out and resonate on a deeper level.

Even in my business, I’ve been telling a story of inferiority and struggle.  I’m ready to release it.


For the heart-centered creative women I meet — they’ve created their businesses...

... not only to make money
...but also to have freedom, and flexibility
...and also because they want to do work that is meaningful and purposeful.

That was one of the things I was eager about when I started my business. Working as a lawyer, as I was before, is important work. And noble. And valuable work. But I was struggling to find meaning and purpose in it.

When you’re sharing what’s real for you, speaking from you heart, your work is going to be more meaningful. Because your marketing and messaging can have impact outside of you.


You’re going to serve and grow your audience best when you’re sharing from your heart. When you share your truth you’re offering a unique perspective that only you can share. It’s one of the things that can  allow you to set yourself apart from anyone else who might provide a service like you.

Sharing in this way is what allows you to become not just a service provider, but an actual leader.

The creatives and entrepreneurs I meet aren’t just doing a job. They’re walking into their calling. They have a desire to serve people in the highest way they can. Without being open about your truth, you can’t do that.

There needs to be a willingness to claim space. To be bold and proud of who we are and what our business represent. I know what a challenge this can.

I was a shy child. I have a strong need to stay quiet and slide under the radar. That felt important to me and I took that on as a sort of defense mechanism. Now as an adult, it can be challenging to accept that I no longer need to keep myself safe in that way.

If you haven’t been able to connect with your ideal clients as powerfully as you know as possible, some things you might consider are:

  • Write out your businesses values and display them on your website

  • Write out what your business believes

  • On your work with me page on your website, be clear and super specific about who your ideal clients are

  • Do a series of blogs, videos, or livestreams about what your business believes

  • Open up about something you’ve been holding  back on

Yes, it can feel frightening to share more of ourselves. But we open ourselves up for more abundance, flow, creativity, and leadership when we do.

I’ll be over here cheering for you!