Growing up in Detroit, Michigan I was a huge nerd, spending much of my childhood with my nose buried in books.

Sometime in high school I found myself in the personal development section of the bookstore.  The small all-girls boarding school I attended in Middlebury, Connecticut encouraged learning for the sake of learning and I was praised for my curiosity. I dove in and devoured all the knowledge I could get my hands on.  I was reading incessantly and implementing the concepts with myself, my friends, and my classmates.  Coaching came naturally to me. 

By the time I reached my undergraduate studies at Claremont Mckenna College, my love for reading, personal growth, and self-development had become a defining part of me; my friends lovingly referred to me as their life coach.  At the time, I did not take the title seriously. After college I studied law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California and began my career as an attorney.    

One day I found myself in a meeting with a potential client seeking a divorce from his wife.

Unlike most of my divorce clients, this particular man seemed quite ambivalent about leaving his wife of ten years. There was no other woman. No other man. No red flags. I did not keep my skepticism under wraps. He noticed the incredulous look on my face, and asked, "do you think I shouldn't get divorced?" I told him that I was not one to tell him whether he should or should not get a divorce - I was just there to give legal advice. I conducted the consultation - asking questions from my natural curiosity.  Nearing the end of the consultation, this potential client again asked if I thought he should get a divorce. Instead of again responding that I was only there to give legal advice, I began probing him for answers about how he really felt about the relationship, about his wife and what it meant to him to be married. He told me that being married meant that you were committed to someone for life and that it was not something to be left without doing everything with in your power to first make it work. "Wow, that's really beautiful," I told him, "have you done that?" He said he hadn't. He said I had made him think of a handful of things that he had not even tried with his wife. He thanked me for my time and left. He did not return to file the divorce petition.  

After that meeting I realized that although I had talked myself out of a divorce client, I had talked my way into my purpose. My ability to view things on a macro level, intuition, wisdom, and curiosity had allowed this client to uncover truths that he had not recognized in over a year of counseling. Coaching is who I am at my core

Now I empower millennials to quit their jobs that leave them dreading Monday so that they can land a job that excites them or launch their new business.

I coach millennials to live their best lives through meaningful work.  I use my wisdom, insight, experience, and training to support clients to access their own intuition to find the answers.  I believe that every person is capable of tapping into their own unique talents to bring dreams into life. Click here to schedule your FREE consultation and find out if we're a fit to work together!