If you're a millennial woman looking to create a career you can be proud of, you're in the perfect place.

We believe you can make great money doing work you love. Whether it's in a job that aligned with who you truly are, or in a your own business, all it takes is the proper measure of inner mindset work and the right strategic actions — and that's why I'm here.


 I have a gift of marrying the strategic and intuitive and helping my clients do the same in order to experience both success and fulfillment through their work.

I was born and bred an attorney. Both of my parents were lawyers and I followed in their footsteps and became the same. While I was practicing law in Los Angeles, I went through what so many of my clients go through — a realization that my dream was no longer my dream. I went on a journey of self-discovery and eventually found my purpose and passion in coaching. 

Since then I've...

  • Helped 100s of women find jobs or start their own businesses
  • Hired 4 coaches
  • Spoken in front of a dozen colleges and organizations
  • Expanded to a team of 7

Not to mention, I've...

  • Taken 24+ and invested over 500 hours in career, coaching, and business courses and trainings
  • Read 150+ personal development, career, leadership, and business books

Yep, I'm a little bit of a nerd-osaurus (always have been) and approach my education with the same gusto as Khaleesi does the Iron Throne. I am pleased as punch to finally have work that doesn't leave me counting down til the weekend, but when it does roll around, you'll find me baking chocolate chip cookies Friday afternoon, offline all of Saturday with friends and family, and curled up on the couch watching TV with my hubby on Sunday eve with an oaky chardonnay.

But enough about me — let's align your mindset and actions to get you into work you love!

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