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I’m Crystal Marsh-Irom and I’m a career and business coach to creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs — I want to help you create a career you can be proud of. 

I get you. I’ve been exactly where you are as an employee yearning for more and as a new business owner learning to make it work. Wherever you are, you can get wherever you desire to be. I can help.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing others create what they truly desire in their lives. Plus, I know that if you’ll do both the inner mindset work and the outer action work, magic is possible. 

Let’s get this party started — choose one of two ways to elevate your career!


I'm an employee in a job that isn't quite right for me; I'm looking to land a new job that I love! 

I'm a creative, coach, or online entrepreneur (or I want to be); I want to get started or make more money in my biz!

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