What To Do When You're Broke: How to Feel Better, Raise Your Vibration, and Get Money Fast

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When you're broke and stuck its all about your mindset. This video is going to help you get out of that place of being stuck and start feeling better immediately so you can get back to making money.
Here are a couple of easy steps to get into a place of abundance.

Step 1: Be grateful for the abundance you do have. Make a list of 20 places of abundance in your life.

For example, I can always recognize that I have an abundance of books. An abundance of education, An abundance of friends. There's an abundance of building in NYC where I live. There's an abundance of people. The sky is abundant. Maybe you have an abundance of health.

See if any of the areas where you can see abundance particularly resonate with you and just keep your attention focused on that. When I'm in my bedroom I can look at my bookshelf overflowing with books and just sort of feel into the abundance available there.

Step 2: Think about what you could buy with the money you do have.

Lack comes from the focus on not having enough of something, in this case, money. Abundance is the other end of the same stick. You can think about what you could buy with that same money. All day long as you're going about your life, think about what you could buy with the money you do have. You can spend its thousands of time in one day. For example, let's say you have 200 dollars -- all days long, over and over again think about what that 200 dollars could buy.

Step 3: Clean up!

Spend sometime de-cluttering. Nature abhors a vacuum so if you make space for more to flow in, it will! You can start with something small like just cleaning out your purse or wallet. Create a friendly environment for the money that is sure to start flowing! Or clean your desk or dressers. Just make space somewhere. This will not only create space for more to flow into energetically, but can also allow you to find some treasure along the way.

Often we have so much more abundance available to us than we can recognize. I bet if you cleaned out some areas of your home you'l find some spare change around. Look under your couch cushions. In your jacket pockets. Anytime you find some change, yes, even a penny, be grateful. Recognize that money can come in from completely unexpected places!

Step 4: Take inspired actions!

If you've taken the first three steps you should have already shifted from a feeling of lack to feeling greater abundance. Feeling like much more is possible for you. That is a great place to start! Once you're feeling better, you're in the best position to take inspired action. Think of action as being your path to receiving. Make a list of 5 things that you can do right now from where you are that could allow you to bring in some money. Maybe there are some prospective clients that you didn't follow up with. Perhaps there are some invoices that are sitting around unpaid. Be creative and think about what you have available to you right now.

Money is always available - its just a matter of you being able to see it and collect.